SOAX Review best Residential & Mobile Proxies

The idea of ​​the company is to provide good service at an affordable price for a reliable solution for individuals or even companies. Here's the special: The company has more than 8,564,325 IPs for non-residential mobile phones available in many countries in addition to a great feature that will be able to narrow your target in case you want to target target to a specific city through settings you will be able to modify it. Not only that, in this article, let's find out other advantages that make the company a fierce competitor in the market!

A company has a huge collection of IP addresses. You can use the services provided by one company in many matters in your business. For example, their residential proxies can be used to track competitor prices and activity, verify ads, check website availability, create multiple social media accounts and pages. web, collect data from different sources, conduct speed tests, etc.

Advantages of SOAX:

High performance and high speed: SOAX intends to provide quality service. By getting instant feedback from legit IP addresses connected to a trusted reseller exchange platform to give you blazing fast experience, performance and speed!

Detailed geo-targeting: A company that gives you a very distinct advantage through a location platform. So you will be able to easily filter proxies by country, region or even city. In addition, you will be able to directly from the Internet service provider.

Residential IP Addresses: Use only legal, whitelisted residential IP addresses provided by ISPs from around the world.

Cycling proxies for backlinks: Well, what is special about the company is that it provides you with services, real-time proxy connections, plus it guarantees automatic IP rotation without your interference. on each port.

Up to 99.99% Uptime Guarantee: The most important thing you should consider when purchasing a service from the Internet is how long it will last. Well SOAX intends to guarantee 99.99% uptime for a great experience.

Completely anonymous: The most important thing that makes us use proxies is to protect ourselves. I mean, you hide your identity completely on the Internet, I mean, you become a ghost on the Internet. A company that intends to give you whitelisted IP addresses obtained from Internet service providers and it becomes 100% ghost

No Limits: Due to the huge number of IP addresses that SOAX has, you will be able to send a large or even infinite number of concurrent requests for greater convenience and you will not have problems !

24/7 support team: The most important thing is the support team, you should refer to this point because whether you are a novice or a professional, you may face problems when purchasing any service from Internet. You should focus that there is a fast and experienced support team to solve your problem. SOAX intends to make an effort to provide 24/7 support team.

Do I recommend a Soax proxy?

Looking at the features that SOAX offers, you can see that SOAX is a provider where you can get a proxy that works for many use cases as it is rotating, has support for several locations well, comes with a large proxy pool and is compatible with many sites, among others. Because of this,

recommend them. However, you still have to consider its UK jurisdiction, expensive pricing, and slow email support.


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