Review: Temok Web Hosting Services


This is an ultimate guide for those who are looking for the best web hosting provider according to their business needs. There are thousands of service providers available but the cheapest (shared) web hosting is the first choice of every beginner. It is necessary to understand all the web hosting options before choosing a service that is helpful for the growth of your business.   

People put their maximum efforts to start their businesses with the help of more reliable and quality of services in order to get the trust of their clients. Poor planning, unreliable services, and many other factors have a great impact on the success of any business either traditional or online.

Consider an example of real-life, a person having a shop in the location where thousands of people visit daily in the day and night will definitely earn an attractive amount of income than a shopkeeper in the town. You will see, there is a notable difference between the expenses of both shops but the person running his shop at the main location of the city will earn more. When you start your online business or shift your traditional business on the internet then you will see the price difference for the same web hosting services. Because unreliable hosting providers offer cheapest prices to attract the users while reliable service providers deliver optimum quality services and charge accordingly. Don’t save the amount by getting shared web hosting while your business demands VPS because it can cause decreased profits or huge business loss.

Consider the Following Tips Before Getting Started

 there are five key things that you must consider before selecting anyone:

  1. You will Get The Services According To What You Paid For:

If you have developed a website for your portfolio, personal information, or any other non-business activities then you can go for a free web hosting provider. If you choose a free plan then you will get a sub-domain with a lot of other limitations. I will recommend you, go for the cheapest hosting services instead of a free one.

However, if you have a business website then it will be used as an essential business tool that needs the quality of services. In this special case, there is no need to save your amount by getting the cheapest deals. I am repeating my words, don’t choose a hosting service according to budget limitations but according to your business needs after conducting detailed business analysis. Once you have done with a web hosting package then it is not enough for you, keep an eye on the daily visitors and upgrade your plans according to your website traffic growth.

  1. Be Careful About Pricing Tricks

The majority of web hosting providers offer an attractive plan at the lowest prices to attract the users and then they increase the prices after the introductory period. After signing up with a service provider, they increase the prices, don’t fall to their greediness and make a wise decision by looking at the total cost of ownership. Once you have analyzed the type of your website, expected traffic, technical requirements, email hosting, SSL certificates, monthly budget, and the number of websites you plan to host then you should be able to take the right decision on the basis of this valuable information.

  1. How is Trustworthy Your Hosting Provider?

Nowadays, most of the providers are reselling the services of any hosting provider under their own identity. Keep research on google and realize their address, who owns, and their realistic promises live on the website.

  1. Know The Upgrade Options

Most of the businesses or personal websites are hosted on shared web hosting, so after a particular time period, they need to upgrade their plans to VPS, Dedicated or Cloud hosting from the current hosting provider. In case, the current web hosting provider is not offering your desired services then you can migrate to another one.   

  1. Explore Security Features and Check Quality of Customer Support

If your website carries the confidential or private data like credit card numbers etc, you need a hosting provider running firewalls and offering SSL certificates. Moreover, they provide IP deny services to add an extra layer of security. With the help of the internet, anyone can visit your website anytime all over the world having an internet connection, so it is more important to keep your website live all the time. If you face any error, it is a basic need of your business to get a rapid response from the technical team of your web hosting provider.


Temok Web Hosting – Best Overall

Temok is the company based in Dubai, UAE with offices in UK, USA, and many other countries. It offers basic shared web hosting from $0.5 monthly (on a three-year contract) with VPS starting from $8.5 per month. They provide easy and rich control panels including cPanel with popular apps and a one-click installer (Softaculous).

An online business needs round o’clock support, they monitor servers 24/7/365 and provide quality of support via phone, Live chat, ticket system, support portal with 500+ videos and 680+ articles. Moreover, if you want to get the Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, PHP, and many other types of cloud hosting services then there is no need to worry about it, they also manage all these services and provide you peace of mind. 

Temok’s Most Popular Services:

        Shared Web Hosting (Windows/Linux)

        Virtual Private Server (Windows/Linux)

        Managed Dedicated Servers

        Managed Cloud Services

        Reseller Hosting

        Linux SEO Hosting

        Domains (1000+ domain extensions)


        SSL & VPN

Temok’s Popular Features:

        24/7 support

        99.9% uptime

        Various payment methods

        Personal account manager

        100% money-back guarantee

        Wide range of powerful processors

        DDR3 RAMs

        Datacenters based on different locations

        Different storage options including SSD and SATA RAID protected storage

        10+ years of serving clients worldwide

        Dedicated help to build your brand

        Improved security and backups

        Lowest Prices

        Good Security Options

        Many Integrations

        Money-back guarantee

        Free SSL certificates

        More suitable for beginners

Temok is the best web hosting provider in 2020 that provides a range of services with well-featured plans and deliver impressive value to your money.


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