Aicoosoft Video Converter Ultimate Powerful and 30X Faster Video Conversion

Aicoosoft Video Converter Ultimate is an outstanding and powerful program that can help you convert DVDs, Blu-Ray video files, and folders to popular video formats and 3D video files. In addition to the ability to extract audio tracks for any video clip, then you will simply be able to convert them to the most popular set of audio formats on the Internet. The program does not limit itself to only these features. It has many other advantages, for example, the program contains a built-in video editor that allows you to create video effects, trim video clips, add watermarks to the video, and merge many source files into one file. AMD, NVIDIA CUDA, and Intel technologies are supported, and each one of them will be determined by a multi-core computer processor to make the conversion several times faster.

Main functions of Aicoosoft Video Converter Ultimate:

• Adding more visual dynamics, updating video quality

Well, if you have a group of clips of poor or incomplete quality, a program that has a distinctive addition so that you will be able to update the video will improve its quality in addition to adding some effects. Thanks to the new addition added by the company, you can improve the video quality from SD to HD, improve brightness and contrast, or remove noise. The video editing features also allow you to apply hue and saturation. After editing, you can get the video in any effect you want horror, romance, comedy, etc.

• Flip the video

Smartphones and tablets have largely replaced video cameras. Sometimes we shoot a video by turning the device on its side, and then we need to flip the video sequence. The rotation function allows you to easily edit your videos. You can rotate the video clockwise / counterclockwise or create a mirror image (horizontally or vertically), which solves the viewing angle problem with just one click.

• Convert video clips to 3D video files

Well if you now have a second-dimensional clip and want to convert it into 3D using five modes: Pattern (stereoscopic), Side by Side (Full), Side by Side (Half-Width), Up and Down (Full), Top and Bottom ( Half-height).

• Support for converting HD and 4K UHD formats

Aicoosoft Video Converter Ultimate uses the most advanced video conversion technology. Now all encoder formats are supported, including H.265 / HEVC, H.264, MPEG, Xvid, VP8, VP9, ​​etc. Thanks to the program's possession of one of the most modern clip conversion technology ever, you can appreciate the fast speed as well as the perfect picture and sound quality. Whether you want to convert 4K videos to 1080p, HD to HD, or just convert 4K formats, Aicoosoft Video Converter Ultimate is a great choice for you.

• Standard settings for various devices

The program has many settings for iPhone / iPad / iPod / Apple TV, Android, Samsung, etc. It is now easy to manipulate, edit and adjust DVD discs and video clips by adjusting brightness, contrast, tone, saturation, size, cropping, adding watermark, and merging multiple video files.

The final conclusion

Aicoosoft Video Converter Well the program is an easy device for beginners, all this in addition to the many and distinctive features that it has in one program.

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