Review 2020: Does it worth the best reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting are very good in terms of the prices they offer. And it is considered a perfect choice for beginners because by using the distributors ’plans, you will earn additional amounts compared to joint hosting. The problem is that thousands of customers do not like the plans offered by distributors. I don’t know the reason, even though their prices are cheap compared to the plans set up by joint hosting companies. Most users demand a unique cPanel and all cPanel plans comes with separate Cpanel account for each domain.

Well, let's cut out a little more in order to not become a great article and learn more in detail about SkyNetHosting.Net, And know, is it really worth trying?


OK. I have read a few about this company on its official website, As a start, according to what is written on the company's website, it was founded in 2004. This makes one of the oldest hosting companies in the world and more experienced. It is a company whose only concern is to provide customers with high speed and quality performance. She says that she thinks about quality and performance because it is the most important thing in gaining customer confidence. A company whose license has been accredited by the United States of America. It is a company for more than a decade in this field. She promises that she will always try to provide you with the best in terms of quality, price, and performance, and she will work with you on the basis that you are a member of his own family.

The company has more than 25 locations around the world. And more than 700,000 hosted sites have more than 15 years in this field. They provide 24/7 support

Features 1. Works brilliantly with WordPress
Everyone knows WordPress and it is considered one of the most popular blogging platforms and more popular in this field to owners who own hotshot websites, and it is simply considered Shams platform. Well, by using SkyNetHosting hosting you will get a good performance. According to an article that I read.

Unlike WordPress, you can improve other CMS systems as well. However, I found that WordPress if you are a beginner you will find it difficult to install WordPress with But do not worry, it is very easy, now you can choose this company and its services.

Well, you will be able to install WordPress System in seconds. The control panel allows you to install upgrades, and popular Plugins and LiteSpeed ​​Cache can also be accessed only in minutes and a few clicks from you.

2. Free of cost WHMCS license
You seem to have noticed that there are not many reseller companies that provide you with WHMCS service for free, I mean if you are subscribed to a cheap service like

From today, using this hosting, you will no longer need to worry about several things, most notably your support department, because WHMCS focuses on account signup and termination processes, payments, and billing automation.

3. CageFS Hack Protection
In order not to be a liar and deceiver. Honestly, the reseller hosting service is not considered as safe as shared hosting. Simply and understanding for you. If you don't take some protection measures for yourself, unauthorized people will be able to access important data without prior warning.

OK. They have a default file system, as the basis for doing a great job is protecting the privacy of your clients. It is a smart system that works incredibly well as it secures most operations in an unknown area in order not to be easy to penetrate and leak. I mean you wouldn't worry too much about data because it would be out of the hackers

4. Unlimited SSL certificates and free migration
If you are someone else who is thinking of reselling hosting services, you will be required to provide free SSL certificate service to your clients. If you ask for additional money, it will not be good for clients.

Quite simply, provides its customers free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates without paying any fees for it. It gives them to all people. I mean to all clients. You can do administration and upgrade with ease and even restore them on cPanel.

Besides SSL certificates, is open to perform hundreds of migrations for you and your clients, free of charge.

5. Automated backup
For you and your clients, you will be able to backup your backup data anytime you want, daily, weekly, or monthly. Simply if there is a problem or error in the future and the data is lost and thanks to the backup you will be able to restore it because you previously copied it. You won't need much time with just a click of a button.

Pricing Unlimited SSD Reseller Hosting

Well, a company has many plans and many benefits, and prices start from $ 1.95 to $ 8.95. The more you pay, the more benefits you get.

Master Reseller Hosting

Master Reseller hosting comes with the basic features, along with Attracta SEO tools for ranking and promotion, WHMCS license, Dedicated IP, Softaculous, and much more.
The plans start from 12.45$ up to 55.95$

Budget Reseller Hosting offers astonishingly cheap budget reseller hosting with one-click auto scrip installer, many SEO tools, unlimited accounts, and much more.
The plans start from $4.95 to $8.95

VPS Reselling and Dedicated Server Reselling

SkyNetHosting is giving out astonishing discounts on their VPS and Dedicated Reselling plans.

The VPS reselling packages are starting at $6.95/mo, plus additional $5 for the setup.

SEO Hosting offers remarkable IP hosting reseller plans which enable your websites to rank higher in the search engines. Their geolocation IP manager also allows the customers to conveniently change the location of their website with the help of WHM.
The multi-location reseller hosting is ranging from $34.95/mo to $64.95/mo

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