Do you have an idea to start an online store that you want to make happen? And you looking for a reliable and good WooCommerce hosting to open your own eCommerce store but don’t know which one might be the one for you? After all, running a store is not easy. Thanks to WooCommerce, you definitely get some relief, keeping the extensive range of plugins in mind. 

Many WordPress hosting firms are available in the market, however not many specialize in WooCommerce. This post will tell you all about the best WooCommerce hosting company, WooCart. Read through to know how WooCart will help you manage your online shop.


When you run a small online store, the cheapest option is shared hosting. However, when your site grows and makes more revenue, it’s a good idea to upgrade hosting to cloud or managed dedicated.

So, why is this upgrade necessary? You must note that shared hosting does not offer a lot of security on the server. When your store is dealing with credit/debit cards, payments, and PayPal, it is a must to consider the security of your customers, as in case anything goes wrong, your business and reputation will be at stake.

Shared hosting is also very slow. Conversions on your store will suffer greatly if it doesn’t load fast, hopefully below 2 seconds.

Why WooCart it your best choice?

High performance: Performance is often a barometer for quality especially when it comes to hosting. Performance depends on a lot of things like servers, optimizations, etc.

WooCommerce requires abundant resources to load pages quickly when there are spikes in traffic. A slow page could bog down your chances of conversion. 

WooCart works on dedicated Google Cloud servers specifically optimized for WooCommerce hosting. And if you know anything about Google’s servers, they are considered very high tier and lightning-fast, Also caching is another thing that could speed up your site as it saves a lot of data right into the browser.

Lossless Staging: Unlike WP Engine’s staging feature that overwrites your live store, the lossless staging feature of WooCart merges the staging with the live site and retains customer and order data that happened in the meantime. This is an amazing feature that will simplify your store maintenance.

Store Wizard : WooCart also helps with creating new stores. Instead of the standard long process of WooCommerce configuration, you just need to select a few settings in the Wizard and it sets up everything for you – from taxes, date and time formatting, currency, and even demo products and a design if you decide to do so.

Pricing Plans of WooCart

WooCart is available in four main plans and you should be able to find one that meets your requirements and budget:

WooCart Supermall: This package provides you with a dedicated server for WooCommerce hosting and estimates 300,000 visits to the store.

Apart from that, you also get store wizard, lossless staging, premium CDN, daily backups, and up to 80GB of disk space. To get this package, you’d have to shed 279$ monthly.

WooCart Mall: The mall package is much like the previous one. However, the only difference is that you get to have about 150,000 visitors and up to 60GB of disk space. This one can be purchased by paying $199/month.

WooCart Market: Available at the cost of $99/month, this market package provides up to 40GB of disk space and about 100,000 visits on a site. Apart from that, the features are the same as the other packages. 

WooCart Shop: Lastly, this one package is perfect for those who have just started their online business and don’t have a huge budget to run with. Keeping everything the same, this package estimates 50,000 visits and 20GB of disk space at a price of $49/month.

The plans also differ in CPU and Memory specifications. You can see those on the pricing page as well. They give you the visits estimation to help you with your choice, if you don’t know exactly how much resources you need.

The Shop and Market plans are good options for stores that are making good money and want to simplify their maintenance so they can focus on sales.

Get Started With WooCart with a 7-day free trial

You can try WooCart WooCommerce hosting try it out here. You receive a 7-day free trial, plus 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans.

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