WooCart Review: Best WooCommerce Hosting in 2020

Well, at the present time, many people are thinking about entering a profit field from the internet, and some are thinking about setting up a store, but of course you, as a beginner, will find it very difficult in that? Well, at the beginning you will start searching for a suitable hosting for your site, you will find many of them in the search engines, but you do not know the appropriate option and you cannot try them all to know who is the best and who is your suitable choice for your work? People will think it's easy just to set up your store and put some products and profit it's not. You need work and a big craze in it. But don't worry, thanks to the services of this hosting for WooCommerce, you will get some help and reduce your fatigue and effort by providing you with some extras to do your hard work. This is good, right?

Above all there are hundreds of WordPress hosting companies in this world, but not all of them know this and have experience in it. So through this simple review we will get to know the best among these hosts is WooCart


Well, when you start your business at the beginning, its size is small and even simple and small sales, you simply cannot spend large amounts on a cloud or a managed dedicated, Your first choice as shared hosting will be as it does not require a large amount, So once your site becomes popular you should upgrade to a cloud or a managed dedicated.

Obvious reason. Because shared hosting does not have a good protection on the servers it provides you. And since your store accepts payment by credit cards, you are exposing customers who have trusted you and putting their confidential information into a theft. And of course your site will become hated and you will lose all your trouble that you spent setting up the store, because of the bad reputation that you earned.

Why WooCart it your best choice?

High performanceWell, what is something that catches the customer's attention? Most of the time it is performance that gives good quality to your store because performance is the most important.

Well, when your store starts attracting traffic to it, it becomes a server that has a lot of pressure because it will require it to do a lot of page loading, and when it becomes a lot of pressure, your site becomes slow to browse.

For this reason, WooCart has used fantastic Google Cloud servers that are legendary and fast to use for WooCommerce owners. We are talking about Google, everyone knows Google has a good reputation, of course, it has strong, fast, and reliable servers and quality.

Lossless Staging: The serious advantage of WooCart is that it works at the same time by merging the posting feature with the direct site and it also saves all your customer data. This is a very good feature, right?

Store Wizard : WooCart can also do some other business like creating stores for you. Instead of wasting time on WooCommerce, all you have to do is to choose some settings in the wizard and it does the rest - from taxes, date, time, currency format, to even beta products and design if you decide to do so.

Pricing Plans of WooCart

WooCart Supermall: This package provides you with a dedicated server for WooCommerce hosting and estimates 300,000 visits to the store.

Apart from that, you also get store wizard, lossless staging, premium CDN, daily backups, and up to 80GB of disk space. To get this package, you’d have to shed 279$ monthly.

WooCart Mall: The mall package is much like the previous one. However, the only difference is that you get to have about 150,000 visitors and up to 60GB of disk space. This one can be purchased by paying $199/month.

WooCart Market: Available at the cost of $99/month, this market package provides up to 40GB of disk space and about 100,000 visits on a site. Apart from that, the features are the same as the other packages. 

WooCart Shop: Lastly, this one package is perfect for those who have just started their online business and don’t have a huge budget to run with. Keeping everything the same, this package estimates 50,000 visits and 20GB of disk space at a price of $49/month.

The plans also differ in CPU and Memory specifications. You can see those on the pricing page as well. They give you the visits estimation to help you with your choice, if you don’t know exactly how much resources you need.

The Shop and Market plans are good options for stores that are making good money and want to simplify their maintenance so they can focus on sales.

Get Started With WooCart with a 7-day free trial

You can try WooCart WooCommerce hosting try it out here. You receive a 7-day free trial, plus 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans.

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