JustHost.ru Web Hosting Review 2020: best hosting for ever

The majority of people who start a business or already have a business. Almost all of them get their website, now the internet is the best way to promote your business at the lowest cost. Well, you as a person who owns a business is very necessary to have a website because the internet has become a very easy way to bring many customers to buy your products at the lowest cost and profit very large profits. But some are unaware of a few things that are important to be distinguished from the rest of you need a good web host.

As we know there are hundreds of companies that provide web host service but not all of them provide good services and not all of them provide their services at cheap price. So today I decided to write this article to remind you this is a Russian company.

What makes JustHost the best choice of your hosting provider?

A company says that in the event that you purchase more than 12-month service from them it will give you a free domain name for a whole year or you can transfer your domain name from other companies to JustHost.ru for free

The company offers unlimited plans where you can work hosting many domains on your cPanel. This means that you have complete freedom to manage your websites on the same server

The basis of a company it says is concerned with providing stable, safe and reliable services. It hosts all your requests for high performance processors. Not only that, they have a backup power generator to ensure lasting stability. And the team works to monitor all its networks on a daily basis

You can ask your problems, questions and requests for support by opening a ticket and a support team will be referred back to you as soon as possible.

They have good and cheap prices compared to other web hosting companies.

A company whose only concern is getting customers' trust. If one day you try to try their services and see them as bad and inappropriate for you. You can only request a refund, within 30 days, to recover your hosting fee.


Shared Hosting

JustHost.ru has two shared hosting plans; Economical and Optimal payable at $.30/mo and $1.08/mo on annual billing.

VPS Hosting

JustHost.ru has three VPS hosting plans; HDD VPS start, SSD super payable at $1.36/mo, $3.86/mo, and $9.73/mo respectively.

Dedicated Servers

You can rent dedicated servers according to your preference. The plans are ranging between $101.33/mo to $3429.70/mo.

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