Almost every business is getting a website, in today’s world where you can buy almost everything on the internet from Dog food to Groceries, it is not a bad idea to have a web presence of your business too. Having a website is often a great advantage as it ensures you get a lot of clients and acts as a channel to educate people about your services and products. And to make a good website you need a great web host, a lot of things depend on your web host.

A web host can make or break your website; you should always do your research before buying signing up with a website. This is why I am writing this review on one of the big names in Web hosting service JustHost.

What is JustHost? was founded in 2008, it was set up as a part of Just Develop It group of companies, and they are headquartered in Australia, UK, and US. Chris Phillip is the founder of Just Develop It group of companies; he previously created Dot5 which he sold, later he also sold JustHost to Endurance International Group which is also the owner of BlueHost and many other web hosts. They pledged to GoGreen campaign but they haven’t mentioned it on their website lately, They use top-notch hardware with the latest and up-to-date technology to ensure maximum performance on their servers. Speaking of servers, the uptime should be praised as well, as there are rarely ever any downtimes faced by the majority of users.

JustHost is known for providing cheap hosting service, they have state of the art datacenter, latest technology, and software, they are also known for their prompt customer support.

Let’s take a look at some of their features

What makes JustHost the best choice of your hosting provider?

Easy use: The biggest bummer while being hosted with any web host is delayed installation. Most of us prefer immediate set up as soon as we’ve selected our desired hosting package and made the payment. No one these days likes the process of waiting.

This is why most companies would rather deploy their servers immediately and activate the hosting in no time. This ensures that they have a higher success rate than hosts which take a long time for activation. isn’t one of them. Instead, I was happy to notice that just after making the purchase, they immediately migrated my site on their servers and got down to business. What’s more amazing is that they offer you a huge variety of applications which take no hassle to install either.’s one-click-installation enables you to install your favorite CMS applications and plug-ins in a single tap, straight from their Control Panel.

Speed: JustHost is known for providing fast web hosting services, their state of the art data centers which are equipped with Cisco smart routing technology, 5 figer lines with more than 7,500 Mbits. Their 10 GB Ethernet connection makes sure that all your data is transferred fast.

Security: One of the many things which make JustHost a reliable web host service provider is that they offer various security features. They make sure that all your data is protected from any sort of viruses, malware, and Trojan attacks. They backup your website’s data for free; there is an advanced plan which backs up each and every folders and file is available for only $19.99 per year. You can also get an SSL certificate to make the financial transactions more secure, it starts from $69.99 per year they also have SiteLock which scans malware and removes it, and it costs $19.99. There is also anti-spam tools available.

Unlimited Sites, Databases, and Traffic: I just love the word ‘Unlimited. Especially when I see this term used in something related to web hosting, I can’t help but check whether it is as unlimited as claimed by the web host or just a myth.

You see, a lot of providers make promises to lure customers when in reality, they can scarcely stay true to their own claim. I was pleased to witness that upheld their end of the deal. It allowed me to host as many sites as I fancied, and add as much data and emails as I wanted.

Although I had to pay for the size of my disk space, my basic package wasn’t bothered by the amount of traffic my sites generated.

99.9% Uptime: Uptime is a very important part; you cannot expect people to come to your website if your website loading time is high and if your website is often down. You need a web host that promises high uptime otherwise you will start losing potential customers and your followers. JustHost claims 99.9% uptime, a lot of testing websites shows that JustHost has 99.95% in the past 30 days which is very impressive. The company’s data center is located in Chicago, IL, they are equipped with diesel generators and UPS power backup.

They have more than 2,000 servers in their data center, all their hardware and software are monitored 24/7 by their technicians.


Shared Hosting has two shared hosting plans; Economical and Optimal payable at $.30/mo and $1.08/mo on annual billing.

VPS Hosting has three VPS hosting plans; HDD VPS start, SSD super payable at $1.36/mo, $3.86/mo, and $9.73/mo respectively.

Dedicated Servers

You can rent dedicated servers according to your preference. The plans are ranging between $101.33/mo to $3429.70/mo.


Well, there you have it. A detailed review of containing everything you need to know about the company.
It has everything you can need from an acceptable web host; refined uptime response, free backups that can be retained for 30 days, responsive live chat, top-notch performance, and brilliant functionality.

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