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Do you have a presentation and the time is approaching? What time? You may need a website to download ready-to-edit PowerPoint templates that suit your project or presentation, and all you have to do is to choose a free PowerPoint template and download it in FPPT format, then edit it as you like by writing a text on Slides and adding pictures only. Let's explore together the best website that gives you PowerPoint templates and background to download for Free.

Making an offer that makes the audience attractive to you depends not only on the information you have, nor on your style of presentation or your appropriate clothes for the event. In addition, you must be armed with an attractive and powerful PowerPoint presentation that draws attention to you, and because you are often busy preparing for this day, And you want to save yourself time, in this article we provide you with the best site of PowerPoint templates and background ready to be written and modified, to save your time and effort.

A beautifully designed PowerPoint template helps impress your audience, whether you want to gain the confidence of investors, provide ideas to colleagues, or make your ideas into your target customers, and in this sense the design teams work every day, to develop from their content to provide the best appropriate ready-made PowerPoint templates. For business and simple explanations to be used.

Whether you are a student wanting to make a PowerPoint presentation at the university or a YouTube content maker, you will definitely put this list on your favorite site and perhaps share it with your friends to benefit.

These PowerPoint templates look and feel professional and you will find a good background for your project no matter what your presentation purpose is.

Overview of Free PowerPoint Templates

Usually, the first thought that comes while creating a presentation is how you will design the slides. The design of the slides is what decides how much attention people will give you. Thus, they should be attractive and must look professional.

Spending hours perfecting it is a thing of the past, now everything can be done within seconds with the help of templates. This is what Free PowerPoint Templates provides, it offers exactly what its name is, giving you more freedom to focus on preparing your speech, adding your presentation content and rehearsing the presentation.

Thousands of presentation designs at Free PowerPoint Templates

Searching good slides and presentation themes from thousands of them is quite difficult but the website is organized in a way to help you find the presentation templates that you need. You can find them in the following different categories:

Top-rated presentation templates

People prefer to optimize time just on exploring the templates so for those who want to see the best templates the site has to offer, they can start looking at the top-rated section or Editor’s Pick.

All the templates in this section are rated highly by the customers and users who have used the site’s services since years. The best templates are arranged here so you can find them effortlessly. Using any of the templates available in this website combined with your own content, can help to fight the Death by PowerPoint.

Free PowerPoint templates under niche categories

Usually, people make presentations on a particular category while finding templates; it would be easier for them to get templates of a particular type. You can simply choose the category to which your presentations belong and you will have hundreds of relevant templates in front of you. Most people find the templates they need in this way.

Related & Popular PowerPoint themes
If your presentation is on a particular theme, you can easily find similar templates of the same theme at Free PowerPoint Templates. Each product page with a template thumbnail and preview contains a list of related themes to that topic. Using this feature you can navigate the site and find related templates for your next presentation project. Most of these templates are compatible with major versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft 365 and also Google Slides. In most recent versions you can improve your presentations using Apps from Office Apps. Installing Office Apps in PowerPoint is very easy and lets you enhance the functionality of Microsoft Office.

There are many types of PowerPoint themes and backgrounds through which you can choose the ones which you need. When you have some idea in your mind regarding how your template should be, this searching method can be helpful.

Explore the tags

There are many types of tags under which hundreds of templates are listed. If your presentation belongs to a tag that is already listed on the site, just click on it and it will show you all the other templates of that same tag. This type of searching can also be helpful for users who are looking for a template under a particular theme and locate the best PowerPoint templates for education or business presentations.

Search by color

If you know about color science, especially concerning the usage of colors in information display graphics, you would know that all the color have a certain vibe to it. Every single color means something and evokes a certain feeling.

So, you must choose the color of the presentation background and slides as per the mood you want the audience to have. Thus, finding templates as per the color of your choice can be done at FPPT.

Search presentation templates by relevant keywords

Sometimes, it is difficult to find a particular theme even after having so many search tools. In this case, the best thing would be to directly search the keyword of the templates that you think might be proper. On most occasions, you will easily find your required template once you make a keyword search. After using all the above search techniques, you can find numerous templates by searching a particular keyword.


Although there are many kinds of options when it comes to getting templates for PPT nothing beats the collection and quality of Free PowerPoint Templates. You can browse through hundreds of templates and choose the one that appeals to you. Finding a template of your choice is quite easy as well. Thus, the next time you are looking for an awesome template for your presentation; do not forget to check out FPPT.

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