YouTube Shorts Set To Compete With TikTok: Here’s How

YouTube has been facing tough competition from TikTok in recent times. The short-form video app is one of the most popular ones. Now, YouTube is setting a course to compete with TikTok with similar short-form videos called Shorts. YouTube Shorts, just like TikTok, will be user-generated short videos available on the Google-owned platform.

According to a report by The Information, the new Shorts feature will have the additional advantage of the licensed music on the YouTube Music catalog. Much like TikTok allows users to record short videos with a selection of audio, music, and other clipping, YouTube Music will be a source for Shorts. TikTok Gets New Competitor TikTok, no doubt, is one of the most popular apps worldwide. The company saw more than 125 percent growth over the past two years, confirms a report from App Annie. Moreover, various trending topics are centered around the app, including recent updates about the COVID-19 coronavirus. Understandably, YouTube (or more precisely, Google) wants to have a share of users just like TikTok. According to The Information, TikTok had approximately 842 million first-time downloads from both Apple and Google's app stores over the last 12 months - a 15 percent increase year over year.

 Moreover, this isn't the first time YouTube has developed its version of a popular feature from another social platform. We're quite aware of how Instagram takes new features from rival Snapchat. YouTube had earlier brought in its version of Instagram Stories and now, a TikTok feature will soon hit the platform.   Considering that YouTube already has two billion monthly active users and various music licensing agreements, building its version of TikTok isn't all that surprising. Further, MSNBC's Dylan Byers confirmed the new YouTube Shorts feature on Twitter. And that's not all; Facebook was also working on a similar feature called Lasso, which is being quietly tested in Brazil.

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