Top Book Reading Apps for Literature Buffs to Try- 2020

Reading, a word that drives a plethora of meanings. For some, it’s about understanding the landscape around them, while for others it’s just another habit. What we read defines who we are or what we can be. Now while there are billions of readers around the world, trends seem to shift course as more and more people are now beginning to go handy with what they read. Instead of going traditional and carrying books like hardcovers or paperbacks with them, readers around the globe are beginning to read more ebooks.
The reasons behind this change could be anything. But the handiness of ebooks remains a colossal factor. Ebooks can be easily stored in your phone, or you can have multiple readings in one app. So while the popularity of ebooks appears to be on the upsurge, it becomes all the more significant to understand which reading apps users prefer using around the world today. 

Top 15 Book Reading Apps to try in 2020

There are numerous reading apps available for download on the app stores, but very few of those apps catch people’s eyes. Here’s our take on the top book-reading apps worth trying this time around. 

1. Read Era

Read What You Like For Free

Highly regarded as one of the most proficient books reading apps, Read Era offers book reading for free without any ads to halt your interest. Users get to read in formats like PDF, EPUB, WORD (DOC, DOCX, RTF), MOBI, etc. The Read Era app doesn’t compel its users to register or use any particular additional service, so you can function the app at your will. It automatically detects the documents and ebooks that are downloaded from the internet and makes them available to read through the app. The best part about Read Era is that it doesn’t create any additional file for the ebooks on your device so your device memory doesn’t get compromised. 
best online book reading app
Notable features of Read Era free book reading app
  • Users don’t necessarily need an internet connection as the app works offline as well. 
  • Read Era has no ads to hamper the reading experience. 
  • There is no registration or any in-app purchase required to use the app. 
  • Users can read reviews about books before choosing to read right in the app.      
Download this online book reading app for Android

2. Amazon Kindle

Millions of Ebooks at Your Fingertip

One of the best apps for reading books for free, Amazon Kindle has a vast collection of ebooks, textbooks, and comics for users to read. The collection that the app offers is available in English and multiple other languages. Users can explore the notable releases, best reads, and top sellers across genres on the app. The standout feature about Amazon Kindle is that readers get to read samples of every book free of cost. So you can get a glimpse of the book before you decide to read it. 
free book reading app
Notable features of Amazon Kindle free ebook app:  
  • Free samples of books are available to read free of cost. 
  • The app has millions of ebooks to choose from. 
  • Users can track their reading progress along with the percentage of how much they have read. 
  • Ebooks are available in high definition color images along with animations that give a feel of a real book.  
Download this best book reading app for Android and iOS

3. Nook

Read Ebooks and Magazines on the Go

Notably, the best app to read books for free, Nook is a one-stop destination for more than 75,000 free titles online. Users can access over 4 million ebooks, magazines, comics, and graphic novels with as much ease. Integrated with promotions, best sellers and top releases, readers get an armada of choices to pick from. The standout part about the Nook app is the “Read and Record” function which allows users to record what they read and never miss out on storytimes again. 
free book reading app
Notable features of Nook comic book reader: 
  • Get newspapers or magazines free on a 14 days trial.
  • Customize the way you want to read without any hassle. 
  • Read comics with the ultra-zoom view. 
  • Read and record ebooks to avoid reading them again.     
Download this best free ebook app for Android and iOS

4. Rivet

A Fun Reading App for Kids

One of the finest book reading apps available today, Rivet is helping kids achieve their daily reading goals. With a collection of 3500+ children books and 8 different reading levels, Rivet offers books from some of the best YouTube creators like Troom Troom, Family Fun Pack, Eh Bee Family, Maymo, etc. Children can access all books for free with an engaging kids’ friendly interface; choose from 8 different avatars or tap on any tricky word for help. With the Rivet app, practicing reading while tracking the progress is hassle-free.
best app to read books for free
Notable features of Rivet read books online free app: 
  • Kids get 8 different levels of reading on the app. 
  • More than 3500 free books to read. 
  • Get personalized recommendations based on your choice. 
  • Achieve reading milestones and receive badges.    
Download this best book reading app free for Android and iOS

5. Libby

Local Library, Now in Your Phone

Another best online book reading app that brings your local library into your phone, Libby is an ebooks and audiobooks application brought to you by Overdrive. The app offers a wide collection of top-notch books from local libraries that readers around the world can easily access. All you need to do is to fish out your library card, search for your local library and there you go, it’s that easy. Borrow, sample and enjoy books you love with ease. 
online reading apps
Notable features of Libby best online book reading app:   
  • Users can sign in to multiple libraries at the same time. 
  • Download audiobooks and ebooks for offline reading free of cost.
  • Choose from an additional collection of zoomable graphic novels and audiobooks.
  • Read samples with a single tap.
Download this best book reading app for Android and iOS

6. Scribd

Your Personalized Digital Library

Crafted for millions of readers around the World, Scribd is a free novel reading app that offers an unlimited collection of ebooks, magazines, audiobooks, and much more. Readers can enjoy an ad-free experience with a 30 days trial for new members free of cost. The app even has an unlimited sheet music selection from every possible genre. Users can access various types of articles from all the top magazines around the world like New York Magazine, Entrepreneur, The Atlantic, Bloomberg Businessweek, Time, etc.  
best book reading app free
Notable features of the Scribd online novel reading app:
  • Users can download audiobooks for offline streaming.
  • The audiobook comes with a customizable narration speed feature.
  • Sleep timer option with easy setup. 
  • Readers can save or print multiple documents. 
Download this book reader app for Android and iOS

7. Epic

The No. 1 Digital Library for Kids

One of the top apps that read books to you, Epic comes in 2 distinct versions. The first version is for home while the second is for educators. It is an app for children aged 12 or under. With over 35,000 top-notch books, videos, quizzes and more, Epic brings a unique experience to kids. It is an app like no other where kids can access a wide collection of educational content to read and watch without any ads or in-app purchases. 
best book reading app free
Notable features of the Epic best book reader app:
  • The app supports both online and offline reading. 
  • There are no in-app purchases. 
  • The app can be synced across different devices. 
  • Over 35,000 ebooks and videos for children to access.   
Download this free book reading app for Android and iOS

8. Yomu Ebook Reader

A Perfect Partner for Book Lovers 

Yomu Ebook Reader is one of the best reading apps for iPhone crafted especially for a better and distraction-free reading experience. It supports formats like Kindle, PDF, Mobi, etc. The app even works on standard formats and adjusts the ebooks as per your device and style. The best part about Yomu is that it doesn’t have unnecessary integrations and is a pure reading app that only focuses on making your reading experience better. 
best book reading app free
Notable features of Yomu best e-reader app:
  • The app offers custom styles for an improved reading experience. 
  • More than a thousand books available for free. 
  • Import ebooks or other reading files from other apps or browsers. 
  • Users can adjust their reading styles and margins as per their preferences. 
Download this online book reading app free for iOS

9. Media 365

Read Classics, Novels, and Ebooks Across Genres 

Yet another book reading app that offers users to read books offline for free, Media 365 has ebooks that are available free of charge, that too in multiple languages. Users can search for books from various categories or share their own ebooks with the world. The app comes with animations that give a real feel to the ebooks. Readers can customize the font sizes and styles or switch to night reading mode their bedtime readings. 
best book reading app for android
Notable features of Media 365 book reading app: 
  • Adjust font styles and sizes as per your preference.
  • Night mode for reading in the dark. 
  • Users can share their own ebooks.
  • Read ebooks from all genres and languages.  
Download this free book reading app for Android and iOS

10. Serial Box

Read the Finest of Classics for Free 

Perhaps the best book reading app for those who lack time in their lives, Serial Box offers more than 600 classics to readers around the world with new issues presented every day. The best part about each issue is that it can be read in less than 20 minutes so you don’t need too much spare time. Users can sync what they read to Goodreads and customize the way they want to read. Serial Box even allows users to choose when they want to receive new issues.
best app for reading novels
Notable features of Serial Box online book reading app:   
  • The app offers a collection of more than 600 classics to pick from.
  • Users can look up for specific words in the dictionary. 
  • Track your reading streak with ease and earn badges. 
  • Sync the books you read to Goodreads.  
Download this free book reading app for Android and iOS 

11. Ti Reader

Access over 1000000 Books and Comics

Ti Reader is a comic reader app that offers more than 10 lakh ebooks, novels and comics to users from all around the world. It is an inclusive tool to search and filter with tags. Ti Reader supports all popular formats with customizable styles and themes. Users can sync their ti Reader data across all devices. The best part about the app is that you can open multiple docs at the same time. 
free book reading app for android
Notable features of the Ti Reader book reading app:  
  • The app offers day and night mode. 
  • Customize the styles and color themes of the ebooks. 
  • Users can sync all their data across different devices. 
  • Open and read multiple docs at the same time. (Paid Only)   
Download this best app for reading novels for iOS

12. Kobo Books

Embrace a Whole New Reading Adventure

One of the best book reading apps for Android, Kobo Books has a collection of more than 5 million titles that readers can pick from. This collection has been curated by experts keeping the user preferences in mind. With customizable reading styles and appealing interface, the Kobo Books app has steadily gained immense fame amongst readers around the world. 
free novel reading app
Notable features of Kobo Books free ebook reading app:
  • The app comes with hourly updates and trending ebooks. 
  • Switch to night mode for bedtime stories. 
  • Ebooks are available in multiple different languages. 
  • Expertly curated collection with more than 5 million titles to choose from.   
Download this book reading app for Android

13. Ebook Reader by

Read or Download Books in a Trice

One of those online reading apps that offer a vast collection of books for readers to download in a jiffy, Ebook Reader by is a perfect spot for all the famed books, from classics to some of the most popular one’s today. The app is integrated with features like synchronization, night mode for your bedtime reads, progress tracker and a lot more. With the Ebook Reader, readers around the globe can buy technical or academic books as well with much ease. 
best apps for reading books for free
Notable features of Ebook Reader free book reading app: 
  • The app comes with night mode. 
  • Easily sync the ebooks across multiple devices. 
  • Buy New York Times’ bestsellers, academic books or classics. 
  • Adjust the way you prefer reading with the customizable reader. 
Download this best free ebook app for Android and iOS

14. Wattpad

A global Reading and Learning Platform 

Thriving as a global community of over 70 million readers and writers, Wattpad offers so much more than mere ebooks. With original and fanfiction stories from popular sports personalities and TV shows, Wattpad is the platform for all the untold stories. Users can read stories behind the latest blockbusters or pick from a wide collection of some of the best selling authors around the world. 
best reading apps for iphone
Notables features of Wattpad book reading app:  
  • Read the untold stories of players and TV shows. 
  • Users can connect with the best selling authors around the world.
  • Apart from reading, you can write your own story as well and share with the world. 
  • Take part in the contest runs straight from the app.
Download this book reader app for Android

15. Comics by Comixology

100,000+ Digital Readings at Your Fingertip

Last but not the least in the list, Comixology is a manga comics app that has a top-notch collection of comics, novels, and manga for readers to read and enjoy. Comixology comes with a 30-days free trial of its unlimited feature which users can access without any hassle. Whether you like Marvel novels, DC comics or image comics, there’s a collection available for every interest. 
read books offline for free
Notable features of the Comixology book reading app:
  • Enhance your reading experience with cinematic and immersive reading options.
  • More than 100,000 reading options. 
  • Users can access their Kindly ebooks by logging in with Amazon. 
  • Offline reading mode. 
 Download this book reading app for Android and iOS

Rounding Up

So this brings an end to our take on the top book reading apps this year. From lazy weekends to your adventurous excursions, these apps have the potential to be your perfect reading partners. You can search, and download an unlimited number of titles by authors from all around the world; explore the untold stories or read a bedtime story to your kids. With these apps, reading is bound to be a lot more engaging.
So if you like our article on these top book reading apps, let us know about your favorite app amongst all or leave your views in the comments section below. Also, you can head over and read more of such articles on the top apps and spread your universe of knowledge.

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