SPanel Review 2020: Is This A Best cPanel Alternative? (TRUTH)

n this post, I’ve featured SPanel Review 2020 that includes detailed insights into this platform.
Find ur what makes SPanel hosting apart from its competitors.
 So let’s get started here.

Detailed SPanel Review

SPanel is an all-in-one web hosting platform that is created by Scala Hosting.  With this platform, you can manage your servers, secure all your backups, security and much more. 
To finally achieve the goal, Scala Hosting done a lot of hard work, testing and developing and at last they’ve released SPanel. There is a second version of SPanel that is available on the official website which is a much-improved version than the last one.
Scala Hosting is famous for its cloud hosting and managed VPS which is used by many users nowadays. We know that they’re one of the best in the digital market. To use SPanel, you have to get a cloud server at Scala Hosting or VIVACOM. But in upcoming years, it is expected that more hosting providers will join SPanel.
SPanel Hosting Partners

Benefits of SPanel | What Makes SPanel Best?

SPanel has a lot of features that can help you manage your servers and websites and you can see them on the official website and some of them are given below.
SPanel Review - All Features

Security With SShield

This feature is one of the best because Shield can secure all of your data and it also monitors your websites 24/7. The best thing about it that it blocks most of the attacks and you can figure it out through the accuracy percentage of it which is 99.998%.
SPanel SShield Security
Even if an attacker can get through the defenses of SShield then you’ll be notified immediately and it will also provide you a report on how much of your data has been affected. The report can help you secure and clear out the affected data.

Backups with no extra cost

SBackup is an option that does daily backups of your remote servers free of cost and it is inbuilt in the panel. You can restore a full backup anytime you want and also you can restore individual files and databases by browsing through the backups.
Create backup with SPanel
You can also restore a complete directory. The best part about it that you’ll be able to restore a single file in the haystack of backups.

NGINX as a reverse proxy

SPanel Review Technology Partners
To provide you the best speed and performance of your websites, it uses NGINX as an Apache reverse proxy which makes sure that it happens. Basically, NGINX is one of the best free web servers and it optimizes your websites so that it can perform really well and with a faster speed.

LiteSpeed and OpenLiteSpeed support

SPanel Review - LightSpeed Web Hosting
It supports LiteSpeed and OpenLiteSpeed both. Basically, with a 2GB RAM VPS, you can get LiteSpeed free for only one website and on the other hand, OpenLiteSpeed can be accessed for unlimited websites for free. On WordPress, you can find many caching plugins that are available for most apps. With that, you can be confident that your website will work with a much faster speed.

cPanel Compatibility

SPanel is an alternative to cPanel and it is also compatible with cPanel and that means you can send your data from cPanel server to SPanel server. With this, you can get unlimited free migrations. Running a web hosting business requires the SPanel server nowadays because it can integrate with your servers easily. You can switch from cPanel to SPanel.
The interface of SPanel is similar to cPanel so if you’re using cPanel for a long time then you won’t face any problems adjusting to the SPanel. The user interface of SPanel is very intuitive and similar to cPanel.

Manages WordPress

SPanel Review - SWordpress Manager
It has an in-built WordPress manager from there you can easily create new WordPress websites with just a few clicks along with that you can enable auto-updates and security features and much more. It is expected that in the future you’ll be able to make staging sites soon. For the time being, they’re currently working on this feature but the auto-update and security feature is really awesome.


It is a bitter truth that shared web hosting can’t provide better security and it doesn’t matter what security system you have installed on the shared server and it doesn’t matter how you configure it.
But SPanel offers better security than any other security system you know of. It has SSL encryption which can’t be bypassed easily more like no one can break it. Even if you have a single website, your shared server won’t get compromised which is a really great feature.
SPanel Review - SSL Certificates

Speed for your websites

With SPanel, your websites will load faster than ever because there will be no one who can use your server and slow down your website.
All the resources of your websites will be dedicated to you which can help your subscribers to open your website easily. Along with that, you’ll get free migration which means all of your websites and data can be migrated by just providing the login details to your old server.

No Cost

You don’t have to pay for SPanel. You will get it for free with SPanel VPS and that makes it an awesome alternative to cPanel and since the prices of cPanel hiked last year and SPanel came out in the market at the same time which solved a lot of people’s problems.

User Interface

The user interface of SPanel is really easy to use. Even if a person who doesn’t have any knowledge regarding the control panel can operate SPanel with ease. The design of SPanel is really good and works on all the screens. You can use all the sections and each one of them is self-explanatory and intuitive.
SPanel Review - User Interface
All the sections available on it can help you manage everything of your websites, emails, and databases. It also has a file manager which is awesome for smaller screens which means it will work better on a mobile screen.

Admin Interface

With the admin interface, you’ll be able to monitor your servers, restart services and the server itself. The owner of the server can easily manage the accounts on the server. The owner got the authority to add, remove and modify accounts. You are also able to change passwords, suspend or unsuspend websites if needed.
SPanel Review - Admin Interface

Things about SPanel which people don’t like

There are many things about SPanel which people don’t like to use. Like there are only a few 1-click installers or easy integrations like much other self-hosted software.
Basically, it only supports WordPress but it should support other apps too like Magento, Joomla, Nextcloud, etc. It is also not integrated with Softaculous which can take care of most of the popular apps.
There aren’t many providers of SPanel out there but we expect that in the future there can be more of them. But currently, you can only choose between 2 providers which are Scala Hosting and VIVACOM. Both of them are really great options but it is good to have more options to choose from. Once providers learn more about SPanel then they will implement it for sure.
You can also ask your hosting provider if they are going to implement SPanel or you should migrate to Scala or VIVACOM. It should offer a free hosted demo so that you can get to know it closely by using it because all the screenshots available on the website doesn’t do any justice. SPanel is new so more features and improvements can happen in the future.

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