Reasons Why You Should Ditch Smartphones

The use of Smartphones is increasing day by day. Smartphones make our things more convenient and give us access instantly to anything we need. But ditching the smartphones can also prove to be beneficial for you.
Are people really ditching their smartphones? Yes, you read that title correctly. Most of the time, you are probably used to scrolling through articles with titles promising a list of the best mobile apps or best podcasts.

Questions To Consider Ditching Your Smartphone

Instead, it is essential to know that there are people out there who are choosing to ditch their smartphones. Before you sputter around, professing that you aren't on your phone that much, here are some things to consider.

How much time do you spend on your smartphone?

If you have an iPhone, you should be able to answer this question down to the minute. In 2018, Apple started sending weekly reports telling users exactly how much time they spent that week on their phones, and how much that amount compared to previous weeks. Did your first report shock you? Embarrass you? Chances are, you weren’t pleased with the amount of time you spent staring at your screen.

Does social media depress or annoy you?

Does it seem as if everyone is on a fantastic spring break trip except for you? Does it look like all your friends are in great relationships? Do you feel like everyone except for you is skinny and has perfect, white teeth?
Maybe you feel as if other people’s posts and chats don’t affect you, but that is extremely difficult to believe. How would your attitude about life change if you didn’t have social media? Would it improve? If so, then why aren’t you ridding yourself of it?
Distracted by social media

How does your phone affect your productivity?

When smartphones first arrived on the scene, companies all bought Blackberrys for their executives so they could send work emails even when they weren’t sitting at their computers. The idea was that productivity would increase if people could be in constant communication with each other.
Now, how much of your time is spent reading and returning pointless communication with other employees? Increased communication does not necessarily improve productivity. Instead, increased communication may keep you from getting real work done.

If you had one month left on Earth, how would you want to spend it?

If you knew that you had one month left, would you want to spend it trying to get to the next level on Candy Crush? Would you want to spend your time reading the political rants of your uncle? Tomorrow is not guaranteed. How sad if your last days on this planet were spent wasting time on something that brings you stress and depression.
There may be a hundred different reasons why you can’t get rid of your smartphone. You might miss your online banking app, or perhaps you will monitor the comings and goings of your teenager with Life 360. Instead of completely getting rid of your phone, why not make it less accessible for a week, and see if your life improves?
Plug your phone into the hallway at night, instead of near your bed. Re-learn how to use the alarm clock instead of depending on your phone to wake you up in the morning. As you work throughout the day, keep your phone in the bottom drawer of your desk. Just allow yourself to check it once every two hours.

Main Advantages Of Ditching the Smartphones

1. Increase in efficiency

Efficiency does not mean giving more time and being always on for work. Instead of regularly checking smartphones for the latest notifications and engaging in casual WhatsApp chat, we can focus on working harder and more efficiently on the project given to us.

2. Getting rid of a serious addiction

The smartphones affect the levels of dopamine (a key neurotransmitter) in the brain. One thing that even makes the addiction level stronger is the phenomenon known as “intermittent rewards”. So it is better to stay away from a smartphone as it affects the mental health of the person.

3. Improvement in social interaction and skills

Here social interaction does not mean more use of social media. Interacting with people via social media reduces the chances of face to face communication. By getting rid of smartphones, you become more confident and better in social interaction. You don't remain dependent on smartphones for conversation or flirting.

4. Increase in focus and patience

This is very beneficial for us. Ditching smartphones improve your focus very quickly. It reduces the level of anxiety. Smartphones reduce patience and focus on other important things.

5. More exposure to outdoor activities

Nowadays, via smartphones, we can do anything while sitting at home, so its natural thing to think that we don’t need to go out for the activities. But my friends it is very important to go out and feel the outside world. Whether it is going to the gym or any social events or simply playing an outdoor game, it does wonders for your life.
Outdoor Activities
It’s time to get your life back. It’s incredible how greener the grass will seem if you look at it with your own eyes instead of the viewfinder of your smartphone.
Ditching smartphones is not a very difficult task. Any habit can be replaced with the other healthier ones. You just need to have strong determination. 

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