HostNamaste Review - Cheap VPS Service Provider in 6 Locations Across the Globe

About HostNamaste - Good Indian hosting company. It has many good services and it provides SSD and shared hosting services for the category and it seeks to provide quality services and keen to breathe in the market by providing price and performance
The company has shared and distributed SSD drives, OpenVZ VPS, KVM VPS, Windows VPS and website dedicated servers in many countries, most notably IN,US,UK,RU

Why should HostNamaste best choice?
High-strength devices: This service provided by this web hosting provides devices that have very high performance and strong to get a great speed, and this means that a company that cares about its customers and also gains the confidence of all customers and companies that use its services. Powerful and very high performance processors from Intel Xeon, which has many RAID configurations (an excessive set of independent disks). Simply you do not need to worry about the occurrence of technical problems in services because the network, according to sources that I have seen, is concerned with quality and high performance.

Geographical locations: The web hosting service company currently has six server locations - Dallas, Los Angeles, France, Mumbai, Jacksonville, and Moscow, which means that as a customer you can choose one of these servers.

Deploy servers quickly: According to sources, once you successfully complete the payment process, you will complete your order in hours. You will be able to use your service within a short period of time after purchasing

VPS (Virtual Private Server): also provides powerful and fast servers with good performance. VPS hosting solutions consist of cPanel, 24 * 7 customer support, instant activation, and you will get more than 50 different operating systems that is awesome !!

Plans of VPS from HostNamaste?
  1. OpenVZ VPS: OpenVZ VPS It is made by my own Xeon process that works fine. VPS cPanel The way to use the service is very easy and you will only be able from the control panel to fully control with a mouse. In addition, there are many operating systems of more than 50 operating systems that make the site performance great and provide 99.9% guaranteed uptime, depending on the company.
    1. KVM VPS: KVM VPS It has fast servers according to some sources and it is from the following countries and places (France, Europe, Los Angeles, USA, Jacksonville, USA, Dallas, USA, and Mumbai India) and it comes with some kind of good prices. It relies on Intel Xeon processors that provide stable and well-maintained services.
    2. Cheap Windows VPS: Cheap Windows VPS Well, you will also be able to use VPS windows services that come with good and fast prices as a customer. The company relies heavily on Intel Xeon processors. Available hosting is OS 2008, OS 2012, OS 2016 and OS 2019 with Windows 7 and 10 so far it is possible to add other systems in the future.
    3. VPS Resource Pool: The VPS resource pools of HostNamaste are quite distinct in comparison to the conservative VPS. Multiple VPS can be deployed from just one VPS reseller panel in any of the 5 world-class location and on-demand.
    4. OpenVZ 7 VPS INDIA: OpenVZ 7 VPS INDIA With good Intel Xeon processors plus RAID configurations, which are extremely redundant which makes stable playback service, OpenVZ 7 VPS hosting at affordable prices.
    5. OpenVZ 7 VPS RUSSIA: OpenVZ 7 VPS RUSSIA it like OpenVZ 7 VPS INDIA but offer to just Moscow, Russia
    Dedicated Servers

    The HostNamaste web hosting company also offers you dedicated servers that provide you with very high performance, fast, powerful and Enterprise as it works well with flexibility as well as customization and configuration. You can deploy these servers in many places in order to have a stable service.

    Let's now get to know the servers provided by HostNamaste:

     Budget Dedicated Servers: HostNamaste provides Budget dedicated servers It comes at a price that is not very expensive and very safe because they developed it using the latest devices from the industry leaders. This will make it a safe, fast and high performance service

    During the purchase process you can choose the following 4 places, which are Jacksonville, Dallas, France and Los Angeles. According to a company it says will have a 99.9% guaranteed uptime. Plans start at just $ 29.99 a month. good price?

    Hybrid Smart Servers: HostNamaste Hybrid Smart Servers are the undisputed best of all companies that want to have a dedicated server without actually paying for a server.

    After payment and payment is confirmed, servers will be deployed within only one day, i.e. 24 hours


    Through our review on HostNamaste, the services and offers and prices are good

    According to some company sources, it provides you with a money-back guarantee for a period of 7 days after the purchase process, meaning that if you buy services from them and you try them and you see that they are bad you can simply communicate via support received within hours, according to my experience with them, you will get back to me within hours

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