About HostNamaste
HostNamaste.com - A Reliable Indian Hosting Company You Can Trust. We offer the best-in-class fast SSD shared and reseller hosting services for small and big websites. We endeavor to offer our clients the best services at competitive prices.
They offer the best-in-class fast SSD Shared, Reseller, OpenVZ VPS, KVM VPS, Windows VPS, and Dedicated Servers for small and big websites across US, UK, India, and Russia. They endeavor to offer our clients the best services at competitive prices.
Why should HostNamaste best choice?
High powerful Hardware: This web hosting service has very high-performing and powerful hardware and hence is trusted by a lot of companies, professionals as well as businesses. Advanced processors sourced from Intel Xeon that make use of RAID configurations(redundant array of independent disks). Users need not worry regarding serious technical problems.

Geographical Locations: The web hosting service has six server locations – Dallas, Los Angeles, France, Mumbai, Jacksonville, and Moscow which indicates that the client can select from either of these locations based on the geographical areas where their customers are or where the target audiences can be found. HostNamaste makes sure that the process is smooth and easy.

Deployment of servers swiftly: The servers of HostNamaste are deployed swiftly once the payment is settled. The provisioning of the server is completed in a day or less. This enables users to take advantage of the hosting service immediately. In case of migration from an existing service to the one from HostNamaste, they get the necessary customer support.
VPS (Virtual Private Server): HostNamaste provides not just a fast VPS hosting server but also an affordable one. The VPS Hosting Solutions consist of a cPanel, 24*7 customer support, immediate activation, in addition to the 50+ operating systems.
Plans of VPS from HostNamaste?
  1. OpenVZ VPS: OpenVZ VPS is run by the Xeon hardware processors which permit an immediate server setup. The VPS cPanel is quite easy to use and helps the client manage the server from just one dashboard. In addition to this, there are more than 50 operating systems which enhance the performance of the website and offer a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%
    1. KVM VPS: KVM VPS is one of the fastest across the Globe (France Europe, Los Angeles USA, Jacksonville USA, Dallas USA, and Mumbai India) and it comes at an affordable price. It is powered using the Intel Xeon hardware processors which offer continuous services. 
    2. Cheap Windows VPS: Cheap Windows VPS The client can also make use of the lightning-fast and cheap windows VPS service. The servers come with the hardware processors -Intel Xeon. The server can be set up easily that maximizes the client’s time and offers VPS resources on-demand in case of workload. The available hosting is OS 2008, OS 2012, OS 2016 and OS 2019 with Windows 7 and 10.
    3. VPS Resource Pool: The VPS resource pools of HostNamaste are quite distinct in comparison to the conservative VPS. Multiple VPS can be deployed from just one VPS reseller panel in any of the 5 world-class location and on-demand.
    4. OpenVZ 7 VPS INDIA: OpenVZ 7 VPS INDIA it using the latest Intel Xeon processors with RAID configurations, which are highly redundant for maximum server uptime and stability, Affordable & Reliable OpenVZ 7 VPS Hosting in Mumbai, MH, India.
    5. OpenVZ 7 VPS RUSSIA: OpenVZ 7 VPS RUSSIA it like OpenVZ 7 VPS INDIA but offer to just Moscow, Russia
    Dedicated Servers

    HostNamaste also provides dedicated servers with high-performance hardware and Enterprise as it runs well with flexibility as well as customization and configuration. Servers can be deployed from many sites that have been developed to provide 99.9% guaranteed uptime.

    Let's now get to know the servers provided by HostNamaste:

     Budget Dedicated Servers: HostNamaste provides Budget dedicated servers and is extremely cheap and secure because it was developed using the latest hardware from industry leaders. This made it have many advantages including high-quality performance, reliability, and customer stability.

    It allows the client to choose 4 server locations, namely Jacksonville, Dallas, France, and Los Angeles. 99.9% guaranteed uptime. Plans start at $ 29.99 per month.

    Hybrid Smart Servers: HostNamaste Hybrid Smart Servers are the undisputed best of all companies that want to have a dedicated server without actually paying for a server.

    The servers are deployed within 24 hours that you purchase and confirm payment. Plans start at $29.99 per month.


    From our HostNamaste Review, I can say that that HostNamaste has some really good offerings across different types of VPS services. Their feedback has also been quite great.

    They have a 7 day money-back guarantee so I guess it is a no-risk situation for anyone anyway. Therefore, I suggest if you are looking for web hosts then you give HostNamaste a try!

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