Some tricks make you use Google drive professionally

Google Drive space is among the most professional cloud spaces that you can rely on in ensuring that your files are stored with good service quality and high protection, which makes you guarantee your privacy, but up to the time limits there are many users who still find it difficult to adapt to this service, so in this post we will share with you With a few tricks that can be used and learned easily and in return it will suit you and make you use the space smoothly and easily.

How to share the folder in Google Drive

The method of sharing your folders is not limited only to selecting the folder or file that you want to share directly after, click on the share icon as it is represented in the image and marked with the number 1, so a window pops up for you through which you can amend it. There are two options for sharing, either sharing via the suggested link. In this case, the link can only be copied and pasted after clicking on the “Get shareable link” option to put it in groups like social media groups or post it on web pages. As for the second option, you can share files and folders by entering the email of the second party with whom you would like to share the files.

To remain an important issue which is the powers, here you can choose between two and this relates to the second party that you share the file or folder, either to give it the authority to amend or add and delete content on the shared folder or the power to see the content in the folder without having the authority to do any hymn inside the file or The folder of modifications.

How to download the folder in Google Drive

How to download a folder or file from your Google Drive to your computer is a very easy matter. All you have to do is select the file you want to download. Click on the right mouse button. It is installed in the drop-down menu that appeared on the “Download” or “Download” option and you will see That file or folder starts the download process.

Open MS Office files with Drive

Yes, the issue is possible and very simple, since if you have a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file saved to your Drive space, you can open it easily using Google applications that are available in the web version where you only need to right-click on the Word or Excel file. Or Powerpoint you want to browse directly after, you can choose the option "preview" or "aper├žu" and here automatically, Drive will choose the appropriate program that can run your file.

Or you can choose the program manually, which will suit the file you want to browse and at the same time amend it through "Open with" or "Ouvrir avec", but as an important note, take note that if you want to modify the Word file for example in Google Doc here what Dear follower, you will encounter that your file will appear distorted and this is normal, so try not to make changes, just browse the content.

Work in Google Drive

Even if the internet is interrupted, a very important and beautiful point that Google Drive allows you is that you can work on your Google Dive space even if it is not available on the Internet, and in return, everything you accomplished will be downloaded and modified at the level of Drive as soon as you connect to the Internet, which is great . You only need to download the Google Drive version of the computer by clicking on the settings icon followed by a click on the "Download drive for pc" option here is the principle of this process that the drive will create space on your computer through that space you can modify the files you want in The interviewer, as soon as you connect to the Internet, Drive will download what you have modified without your intervention.

Google Drive Extensions

You will be greatly enriched. You can use the Google Drive plugins that will compensate you greatly, especially those related to setting a work schedule, such as an Agenda add-on that will enrich and help you greatly in setting your own schedule and business. Also, the Keep extension, which will also enable you to record notes that you may find Important, in order not to lose it or forget it. Also, you can create your daily to-do list. Here is what is meant by "List to do" using the Add task. There are many professional add-ons that will help you greatly.

Trash can

Yes, this may be a great option in the event that you have performed a file deletion process and after a while you want to retrieve it. All you have to do in this case is to go to the trash section on the right side with the name "Bin" or "corbeille" as soon as you click on it it will show you all the folders and files that You just deleted it, do what you want to restore, it is marked with the right mouse button, and choose the "restaure" option to restore it.

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