The Nintendo Switch platform exceeds 15 million units sold

After announcing the sale of 10 million controllers from the Switch platform in Europe last week, Nintendo numbers in North America now add $ 15 million to the world record, with their games Mario Kart, Legend Of Zelda, Super Mario and Super Smash Bros, where six Millions of copies each.

The Nintendo Switch platform exceeds 15 million units sold

 Based on its sales of 15 million built-in Nintendo switch units (with detachable controllers and TV connector) and the new Switch Lite, Nintendo has announced its current gaming console as the best-selling console in North America for 10 months in a row.

In July, Nintendo announced the sale of 14.83 million units in North America, 9.6 million in Europe, and 12.44 million in the rest of the world.

 The Nintendo Switch platform was launched in March 2017, with Switch Lite debuting in September this year

Although this offer is not as impressive as the similar sales of the Nintendo Wii, Switch Absorption is still ahead of the PlayStation 4 at a similar stage in its lifecycle, reaching a million units.

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