8 steps to increase the number of views of your videos on YouTube

Of course, the number of views of YouTube videos is the first criterion to measure the success of any video or not, the more views will increase its prevalence significantly, and the most important basis for marketing content on YouTube is the number of views. Therefore, organizations must be careful to increase those numbers.

In the next lines I will highlight some steps that will increase the number of views of your videos on YouTube:

1. Place the clip prominently in your channel

YouTube has created a feature that highlights distinctive content in your channel, to draw the attention of the visitor directly during his visit to the channel. Take advantage of this window to place your video in the number of views. But make sure the clip you put in your channel’s Excellence window is short and boring, because the visitor usually wants to feed and benefit directly.

2. Choose a striking and distinctive thumbnail

If you are one of those who make YouTube is the one who chooses the thumbnails of the video I hope to stop doing that, because YouTube is just a machine may choose an image is not appropriate or striking for your clip, so YouTube offers channel owners the possibility to choose a thumbnail image of the video immediately after uploading, and this feature The service that you can design a customized image of this section, which will increase its beauty to visitors, and make sure that this thumbnail explains the inside of the section in a distinctive and striking manner. Also use eye-catching colors such as red, yellow, etc. in the thumbnail.

3. Choose a short and exciting title

Unfortunately, some of the videos in YouTube are written in the style of expression and explanation, and this is a wrong method, try as much as possible by making the title brief and explain enough video content. Stay away from dull stretches and overdrawn shortages.

4- Interest in writing keywords

Keywords are close friends of search engines, so try to multiply the keywords in proportion to the content of the section. And broad terms to target all searches near the addresses you've entered.

5. Write a comprehensive explanation of the video

Unfortunately, many YouTube videos are lacking in their explanation, although that part is very important in explaining the idea adequately to viewers. Always write a brief and comprehensive explanation of the video, and include important sources and references that the passage may address.

6. Take advantage of the characteristic of the boxes

There is a feature in YouTube less benefit from it, the property of adding phrases or illustrations within the clips of YouTube, such as inserting the logo of the channel or translation or an explanatory phrase of the meaning appeared in the channel, all of which you can work through the Creator Studio YouTube content easily.

7. Translate the explanation in other languages

Diversify the languages ​​in which you publish your channel content. You are not just talking to your neighbors or the people of your city. The Internet is used by people all over the world. It is nice to translate the commentary in English so that non-Arabic speakers understand the content of the passage. This is confirmed if the content concerns non-Arabic speakers as well as sections of teaching prayer, ablution, the Koran and others.

8. Market the clip on your website and social networks

Monetize your social networks and post the clip continuously to increase views, and try to place the clip on the home page of your website.

Finally, these are certainly not all the steps you need to increase the number of followers and viewers of your videos on YouTube, but it is one of the most important motives that will increase that number. In addition, you should pay attention to the quality and accuracy of the video and outstanding output to increase the interaction of people with it.

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