5 free add-ons to block ads in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is currently the fastest web browser available. Users benefit from the ability to quickly open web pages, but ads slow down the process and interfere with the user experience. As you browse the web, users are crowded with pop-up and native ads.

5 free add-ons to block ads in Microsoft Edge

In addition to being annoying and slowing down page load, ads and pop-ups can:

 Threaten the privacy of users.
 May carry malware.
 Screen clutter.
 Distract the users.
 Protect buyers from making purchases.
 Bandwidth intake.
 Battery power drain.

 In response to this issue, developers have created browser extensions to block ads in Edge. Here are 5 free add-ons for Microsoft Edge that you can use to block ads:


Ghostery declares itself as a blocker for privacy ads. It blocks ads, speeds up websites, and turns off tracking devices.

 Some other features of Ghostery include:

     Protect your privacy
     Increase browsing speed
     Blocking scripts that slow page performance
     Eliminate clutter by removing ads from a web page

Choose from multiple view options and the statistics dashboard to customize your view. This way you will only see information relevant to you.

2. Adguard AdBlocker

Adguard blocks all types of ads including ads from social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. It is similar to other ad blockers but has the added advantage of keeping your browsing away from social media.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube will be blocked from viewing social media pages suggested by users.

 Adguard prohibits all types of ads, including:

     Banner and Text (Facebook AdBlock)
     Rich Media Ads
     Video (YouTube Adblock)
     Unwanted pop-ups (pop-up blocker)

Adguard AdBlocker also:

     - Accelerates web page loading time
     -Protects privacy by blocking third-party tracking systems, adware, phishing, malware, and spyware
Protect your privacy, remove social media apps, and protect yourself from online threats using AdGuard AdBlocker.

 3-Adblock Plus

 Adblock Plus is an extension for all browsers. It supports websites by not automatically allowing certain types of ads to appear.

 Some additional features of Adblock Plus enable users to:

     Add domains to a whitelist-free list
     Subscribe to third-party filter lists
     Control the appearance of the extension in the toolbar
     Create your own filter
     Disable malware domains, ad tracking, and common social network sharing buttons
     Use it on Android and iOS mobile devices

Adblock Plus is currently in the early development stages of Microsoft Edge. This means there are some limitations and problems, but it's still a common ad blocker.

 4-Adblocker Ultimate

 Adblocker Ultimate is designed for one purpose, an extension that removes ads, blocks malware, improves browser performance, and disables tracking.

With Adblocker Ultimate, you can restart ads for websites that you know don't have any misleading or intrusive ads.


 AdBlock users can:

  Whitelist specific YouTube channels
    Subscribe to Filter Lists
    Show ads on selected URLs and domains
    Allow some ad formats by adjusting settings
    Create custom filters
    Block ads by URL

AdBlock supports websites by not blocking spam. You'll see an auto-generated notification that you have access to your website data and browsing history.

This is because AdBlock works on every tab. Rest assured that he is not watching you and will never need to give away any personal information. Using ad-blocking software serves a variety of purposes and does not allow ads to waste time or disturb you.

Ads can slow down your browser, spread malware, track your browsing history, and collect data about your site and interests.

Be sure to choose an easy-to-turn blocker on and off because some sites will refuse to display their content until you disable the blocker.

Select one of the extensions above to block ads in Edge, enjoy better PC privacy, better browsing experience, longer battery life, and faster load times.

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