TuneFab Apple Music Converter for Mac and Windows: Convert Music Up to 16X Faster

Try out TuneFab Apple Music Converter for Mac and Windows PC, if you want to have a more seamless music conversion experience. Three features make it a worthy contender: Versatility, Top Speed, and High Competency.
Do you often find yourself in a situation where you need to convert Apple Music or iTunes songs into different formats? If the answer is yes, a powerful yet easy-to-use tool named TuneFab Apple Music Converter is your thing.
The software boasts several impressive qualities to be your favorite music converter for all seasons. It’s designed to convert DRM-protected Apple Music, iTunes M4P songs, iTunes audiobooks and Audible audiobooks songs to MP3 with appreciable consistency. However, what sets the tone perfectly for it is the simplicity with which it goes about the business without any fuss.
TuneFab Apple Music Converter

TuneFab Apple Music Converter for Mac and Windows

Remove DRM and Convert Music Fast Without Any Loss of Quality

Removing DRM from your Apple Music or the songs purchased from iTunes is a breeze with TuneFab. The software works very efficiently in getting the task done.
Plus, you can reset the bitrate sample rates as well as other vital music parameters. If you have a liking for editing your music or fine-tuning its quality, the app can ideally fit into your needs.
There are a couple of qualities that I have found really adorable in it: The high proficiency and rapid speed.
With TuneFab Apple Music Converter, you will be able to convert several songs in batch with up to 16X faster speed. That means it can save plenty of your valuable time.
Another notable quality worth mentioning is the ability to convert music without any loss of quality. I have used several music converters, and hence, I can tell you that there are very few tools that can work so consistently.
It keeps all the metadata and ID3 tags intact. Thus, you will continue to enjoy the music in the same breath on other devices. It makes the transition a smooth affair.

Convert Audiobooks in Multiple Formats

Apart from being a top-notch music converter, TuneFab also works as a highly efficient audiobook converter. Again, it performs the task not just with top speed but also without damaging the quality.
I used this tool to transform several of my audiobooks at once. It lived up to my expectation by getting the work done rapidly. What I have liked more about this software are the intuitive user-interface and easy-to-use functionality. You don’t have to take roundabout ways to carry out the task. Simply select the audiobooks and hit the convert button. And you are done.

Support Multiple Music and Audiobook Formats

I always want the music converter to have the support for several formats. It just offers you more flexibility. And, I’m glad to know that the app stands up to the mark fairly well in this regard.
With the support for several file formats like MP3, AC3, M4A, M4R, FLAC, MKA, AU, AA, AAX, AAX+, M4B and more, it ensures you never run out of options. If you have to deal with music conversion more often than not, this is exactly what you need to remain at the top of your game.

How to Convert Apple Music or the Songs Purchased from iTunes Using TuneFab on Mac or Windows

As mentioned above, using TuneFab to get rid of DRM or transform any music to another format is dead simple.
Step #1. To get started, download and install the TuneFab Apple Music Converter on your computer. Meanwhile, please make sure that you have installed iTunes on your computer previously. TuneFab needs to works with iTunes.
Install TuneFab Apple Music Converter
Step #2. Now, launch the app on your computer and then select the songs you want to convert. You can select an entire album of songs or select multiple Apple Music tracks at a time.
Choose Apple Music Tracks
Step #3. Next, adjust the output format depending on your specific requirements. There are different output formats that you can choose from MP3, M4A, AC3, AAC, AIFF, AU, FLAC, etc.
Select Output Format
Step #4. Finally, hit the Convert button. The program will start converting Apple Music songs to plain MP3 format immediately.
Finish Apple Music Conversion
Now, let it finish the task.
Price and Availability
This music converter works with both macOS and Windows PC. Its original price is $49.95. However, you can currently get it at $39.95.

The Verdict
Frankly speaking, reviewing this tool was very easy for me thanks mainly to its simplicity. I gave TuneFab a long run before writing this piece. Throughout the test, I hardly noticed any roadblocks and came out impressed with what it has to offer.
Whether it’s versatility, high efficiency or speed, the software stands up to the billing on all fronts. As for price, I think it’s competent.
Now comes the most important question. Should I recommend this software? The answer is absolute “Yes.” I would recommend it to you if you have to carry out music conversion more often and want a more effective tool to get through the task. Moreover, it can also come handy if you wish to listen to your favorite Apple Music on multiple devices without having to upgrade the plan.
As this tool is available for free trial, you can give it a go on your computer before going for the premium version.

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