How to download non-compatible applications in any Android

While downloading different apps, we may have encountered some Incompatible Apps with our Android Android device or phone, today with a great trick to download non-compatible apps on any Android system.

Apps are mostly incompatible with your Android version or country-specific limit, which means that the app you're trying to download is not available or is for your country's interests. You can simply paste the Google Play URL here and give you the option to download an APK to your computer, Later on to your Android device and you can also enjoy non-compatible apps.


This is a great site where you can download the .apk file directly from any Google Play store. In this application you just need to type the application name pack into the text field and this site will give you the .apk direct download link for this application.

2. Evozi Apk Downloader

With this site, you can download all of your favorite apps directly as an .apk file on your device, and through this, you can even download massive game files, just paste the app's Play Store link and download it directly to your computer.

It was the latest download apk. Why it's gaining popularity is that this site has some features that make uploading APKs fun, and you can download apps from the Google Store to play by simply editing the URL, just change to, then A file appears for download.

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