Fortnite for Android : The game's operating requirements

There is a great buzz about the Fortnight game, because it's getting closer to the Android phones. For the phones you can play, what we're going to talk about today is that this game needs powerful equipment, or rather a powerful phone. In today's article, Fortnite Apk for real Android phones.

Epic Games is preparing to launch Fortnite Mobile for Android phones soon, as the company previously announced that the game will be ready this summer, delay the launch of the game a lot because of a partnership between the game company with Samsung, and that the launch will be integrated with the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 The ninth of August.

Unfortunately, rumors indicate that the Fortnight Android game launched on the day will be limited to 30 days for the Galaxy Nine phone only, and at worst for Samsung Galaxy phones exclusively for an additional 3 months, and will allow exclusive owners of Samsung phones that occupy The game to get V Bucks free within the game, once the contract will end Epic Gmes will allow the devices supported to download the game Fortnight on Android phones.

And the installation of the official site and not the Google Play store, this decision is a very sudden for everyone, and of course has already identified the company devices that will support the game exclusively, and here we will talk about the minimum requirements to run the game without congratulation and without problems, and The game of Fortnight for Android running smoothly and quickly and below it you find a picture of the devices that support the operation of the game, and the least specifications to run the game.

  • Android 5.0 or higher is 64-bit
  • Adreno 530 graphics processor and more powerful
  • Or the Mali G71 MP12 and Mali G72 MP 12 graphics processor.
  • RAM: 3 GB or more.

All the devices in the picture have been analyzed to get the minimum operating requirements of Fortnite Mobile, and we have come to the fact that all the phones supported are strong phones except some Samsung phones and this confirms the existence of promotion and support of the latter games company, if we do The game is more limited than the GPU instead of the processor, based on the requirements of the graphics processor mentioned, and of course most of the devices supported on the processor Qualcomm Snap 820 or higher, or the processor Exynos 8895 and above, and this processor Which is sure to occupy the game without any problems, and Of course, the list of phones was changed more than once because of the requirements of the game in terms of graphics processor.

Of course, the Fortnight game released on July 27, 2017 means about a year ago and a week from today's date. It was launched on PlayStation 4, XBOX, Windows and Mac Os and will be coming to the latest Android and iOS devices. The story of a stormy arrival to the modern earth that has wiped out more than 97% of mankind, and the emergence of zombie-like creatures attacking ordinary people, where random maps have been created to gather resources and build fortifications around defenses, Survivors, and you must also build traps and collect weapons to participate in fighting against Western creatures You will get bonuses to improve the qualities of the hero, support team, weapons, traps, etc. To move on to the toughest tasks, there is also the possibility of buying equipment to develop your Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile skills.

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