Why Python is the fastest growing programming language in the world?

Is Python the fastest growing programming language in the world? Well, if you look at polls, you'll know it's already the fastest growing programming language in the world. According to StackOverflow "Python has a strong attraction power for being the fastest growing key programming language." People care about what StackOverflow says because it is the most popular Internet community among programmers. It has a community of programmers from all over the world. If this is not enough, Python also culminated as the best programming language in 2018 by Linux Journals.

So, communities like StackOverflow will know which programming languages ​​are most popular and what is the current trend. The fact that Python ranked first in 2017 is noteworthy because Java has been dominant for a long time, and this is the result of the fact that most undergraduate courses as well as subjects approved in global groups depend on their students' teaching of this language.

So one has to assume that a radical change has occurred at the basic level of the Pythons to attract a lot of attention. It is safe to say that even Travis Olivant could have foreseen this trend when he used Python to create one of the most successful data science platforms in the market.

Why Python is so popular?

There are a number of reasons why this programming language can be popular, including the following:

1. Simplicity

Python is a simple language and its use is very easy, so it makes sense that many new programmers prefer it to other languages. In addition, the Python code is clean and easy to understand.

2. Power

Python not only stands out because it supports multiple systems and platforms but also because they can be used for a variety of purposes from web development to scientific modeling and systems operations to name a few. There are people who are using Python to create advanced video games. Others use it to experiment with artificial intelligence. There is no limit to Python applications.

3.Web Assets

The clean Python code and the huge reference documents make it easy and effective to create and customize Web Assets. Clean syntax makes code review very easy. It should also be noted that the language has many powerful graphical user interface frameworks such as Dajanu which not only allow writing of graphical applications but also simplify the reuse of code and enable the creation of applications across platforms.

4. The language of the future

Python dominates emerging and advanced technologies such as data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. These technologies have become very important for every industry that produces a lot of data and operates on automation. Python has proven that it is capable of solving difficult problems. This makes them a top priority for developers.

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