The Best and Easiest Program to Remove Programs Already Installed on Windows 10

If you're a Windows 10 user, you'll notice that the Start menu contains many preinstalled programs, which you will not need and are just an additional load on your computer's resources. Unfortunately, most of these applications or programs can not be removed in the normal way. So I suggest you today dear follower a special program in order to carry out this task.

Once the program is running, you will be presented with all the programs installed on your device, and you must select the programs that need to be removed., You can select more software and remove them at once.

In the upper left corner you'll find the "Tool" option, where you'll find the following functions: "Windows Store Apps Manager", "Registry Cleaner", "Processes Manager", "Startup Manager" etc.

Clicking the "Windows Store Apps Manager" will open another dialog window that lists all the programs installed on your computer from the Microsoft store (usually a large number). There, you'll be able to uninstall every program you do not want.

Download the program from the official website :

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