Lens Studio from Snape to create enhanced reality lenses

Lens Studio is a program from Snape to create enhanced reality lenses and use them within Snape Chat.

Lens Studio allows any user, a beginner or an expert in design, to design his or her own lens, and to develop his own 3D movements, to appear in his stories realistically, using enhanced reality technology.

After completion of the design, the user needs to send the lens for review, to ensure that the terms of use of Snape Chat application are not violated.

The user will receive a special code shared with friends or followers to allow them to use that lens for 24 hours only, as the user needs to re-share new codes after that period.

According to SNAP, these restrictions come to ensure that there are no inappropriate lenses inside the application, and any lens can be reported as abusive to delete them immediately.

Lens Studio is available free of charge for Windows and Mac, you can get it from here.

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