How to encrypt any hard disk in your computer with a password without using any programs

Privacy is one of the major concerns today in the digital world. Whether on the Internet or even in profiles, if we do not take it seriously, we risk putting our information at risk. To add more security to files on your device, or to an external disk, Windows has a BitLocker encryption feature.

Open the Start Menu and search for Control Panel;

Click on "System and Security";

Look for the BitLocker Drive Encryption option and then click it;

Select the disk you want to encrypt, and next to it click "Run BitLocker";

A process will begin to encrypt the selected hard drive. When you're done, put your password;

Choose one of the options to save your backup encryption key, which you can use if you forget the password specified in the previous step.

Choose whether you want to encrypt the entire drive, or only certain parts of the user's disk. We recommend encrypting the entire drive;

On the last screen, if you are using the latest version of Windows, a warning will appear in accordance with encryption. Select a compatible mode, so you can access the file on devices that use other versions of Windows;

On the last screen, click "Start Encryption" and wait for the process to complete.

Once the process is complete, when you try to access the encrypted disk, you will be prompted for the password. If you want to remove the encryption for some reason, just follow step 4, and use the "Uncertainty Lock" option. All encrypted disks will have a lock on the side as shown below.

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