How do you track people close to you without knowing it?

In our personal lives, we have some people who care about them, and we want to keep them informed without knowing them. As smartphones and computers today become part of our daily lives, this process is easier, better and easier. This service allows you to track people who are close to you, such as your family, your children, and your employees, as described in the description of the service. You can take advantage of them in an updated and realistic way, as well as Real Time and know their place professionally.

Cocospy Service Definition:

Cocospy is a service for monitoring and managing your close family or employees. Cocospy provides you with an integrated platform available on all Windows, Mac Os, IOS and Android systems, not only to track them down, but also to monitor their movements. Communication, messaging and others, this service will greatly benefit you in order to reduce the randomness of the life of your family members that you worry about. This service is more dedicated to parents in order to control their children more, but it is suitable for everyone and everyone can also use it freely.

Cocospy allows you to see messages between people you watch and other people, says the site and quotes: "Children communicate more than making calls, but who do they talk to and talk to? What do they talk about?" These things really make you worry about Your relatives, especially as many people have negative goals to exploit using technology, and you can reduce losses by watching these people in secret without realizing it.

Tracking people's geographical location:

After configuring everything from the installation of the program and others, you can also through the system and the platform Cocospy to see the geographical location of people who are watching directly or Real Time, so you can also see the history of the geographical location of users, and see the places they visited before and survey All the information you want about the area and geographical location, all this can be done only using your computer or your phone and the Cocospy platform.

This feature may also be useful in another way, and is to monitor and see those people in the event of non-response, as you can always see the geographical location to reassure your loved ones at any time.

What other services can you see with Cocospy?

When you process all, you will be able to view and monitor many services and not only the geographic location of people, and when we tell you about many services, we really mean it.

You can first look at the list of people the person is communicating with and see all their information, such as phone number, names, etc. You can also view messages and conversations between the person watching and other people. You can also use the Geo Fence style, which is a mode you can send to specific alerts when a person comes to a specific geographic location. You can also check the Browsing history and history for applications and websites. Which a person near you, Style Stealth Mode in order to act in the case of theft, for example, phone or device, for example.

How do I start the Cocospy service?

The Cocospy platform is not so complicated and easy to use as well. You will have to register on the official Cocospy website after registering and creating an account. The platform will provide you with a software package that can load the platform you want to work with, but you want to use it on Windows You will be asked to access your account registered on the site, then the program or application will provide some instructions to configure the tracking of the users you want to download the application and then install it on your computer. Follow them .
After you have finished processing and configuring everything, you will be able to track everything that has already been explained in the article from messages, conversations, communications and geo-location.
It is permissible to mention that everything is legal through the service, and it is not a completely illegal espionage service. It is a monitoring service, that is, you can only apply it to people you know in advance and you have an idea about them. Of course you do not have to tell them that you are following them. , But we must do what must be done for the people we love to protect them, right?

You can try the platform automatically:

Before you dive and start loading, you may want to first see how the platform works, a copy of the control panel, management, and everything. The official website also provides you with a link to simulate everything that the program will provide you later. Here, the page is not dynamic and Real Time but just a simple configuration of the control panel and the tools available while using the program in action.
You can download the program and see it more at the link below:


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