Google recognizes a losing streak against Microsoft in the GitHub takeover

A Google executive admitted that the giant search company had lost GitHub's purchase. "I did not think about not buying GitHub, but that's fine," said Diane Greene, head of cloud storage.
Previous rumors also indicate that Google has also tried to obscure GitHub, a competitor to Microsoft's offerings. The founder of GitHub, Chris Wanstrat, was reportedly selected by Microsoft because of his close relationship with Chief Executive Satya Nadila.
GitHub is a large repository of scripting code and is quickly deployed by developers, project hosting companies, documents and code. Where there are 85 million hosted warehouses on GitHub, and 28 million developers are participating.
The Verge asked Google earlier this month to comment on whether it would continue to use GitHub, but a company spokesman said at the time "we do not comment on ongoing acquisitions throughout the industry." "As long as GitHub is still a great place to share our projects and collaborate with the Open Source Forum, we will continue to use it," said GitHub.

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