File Protection - The best free program to protect your files in Windows

How to protect your computer from malware, hackers and hackers, and how to protect your information from serious threats, it's always better to have multiple layers of defense, which is why you should also protect the files themselves.

What is File Protection?

Reusch tools File Protection is a reliable solution to protect files from unintended deletion and modification of malware or ransomware. This protection is by modifying the file's own permissions and making it read-only, There is a text file that you do not want anyone else to make any changes to, just download the program or the tool and install it on Windows in your computer.

To protect a file or folder content, right-click on the file and choose File Protection, and a point in the lower-left corner of the icon shows that the file is protected and protects all files that you do not want to modify, such as supported images and documents, and all Reuschtools backups Protected by default.

Or in the sense that the most obvious after you install the program or tool on your Windows, you will see the new Protect File option in the list that appears after the click right click on any file, and then click on this option will be modified to be readable file only and can not be modified.

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