How to Use Google Lens in Google Images Application

Google announced during its annual Google I / O 2018 that a new version of the Google Lens service will be available through the camera application in your phone instead of the Google Photos app.

Google Lens will be integrated into 10 different Android devices, not only Google Pixels, but also the LG 7 ThinQ, as well as Motorola, Sony, Sony, Nokia, Won Plus and Asus. So users of these phones will not have to open a separate application to use the Google Lens service.

Google Lens is a new search method to identify and make available the content in your photos. This includes providing translations into different languages, showing product reviews and restaurant listings, and providing basic information on key impacts and milestones. When launched, Google announced that it was available on its own pixel phones only, but now it is available in many other phones with the Google Photos app.

Here's how to use Google Lens in the Google Photos app.

- Take a picture of the thing you want more information about.

- Open the Google Photos app.

- Click the photo you took to open it.

- Click the Google Lens icon at the bottom of the screen to activate it and identify the image you took with your smartphone's camera for more information.

Google Lens will give you different information based on the nature of the image. For example, if you take a picture of a book cover, it will give you information about that book and its purchase links as well. If you take a picture of a text in a language other than your native language, Google Lens will provide you with the translation. Just as taking a picture of any text will give you the ability to copy this text to your clipboard.

Lens also provides the ability to get more information about what you want instantly using the camera only, through the real-time search tool that will analyze what the camera sees even before pressing the camera button to take the picture. If you point your camera to a music song label, you can also play this song.

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