Explain FastStone Capture program and how to use it

FastStone Capture

FastStone is one of the programs used in taking important snapshots of the computer screen in the form of images and modification of them and also screen the video with ease and save high quality on the computer, the program has a picture editor you can modify the size of images and approximate dimensions you want by Ease and also choose from the standard dimensions within the program and we show you in our computer programs for all the features and features of the program in taking screenshots and images from the screen displayed for Windows and saved on the computer.

First, the program must be downloaded
You can download it from the official website from here:

1- It opens an image or file on the computer.
2 - It is a multiple tools for how to capture images from the computer screen and is for the windows that are working on the screen now.
3 - It is specialized in taking certain parts of the screen you select manually.
4 - It is a full screen shot and when pressed press the left button of the mouse to clear the entire window and when finished must stop the shot through the ESC button.
5 - This tool enables you to shoot a full box of the screen you are selecting.
It is a tool for recording video from windows open on the computer and making annotations.
6 - and this tool to be taken out of what has been implemented and rounded to files such as Excel or printer or file Word.

Now that you have taken a screenshot, another window will appear with you. In order to save the images you have to click save and choose the type of image and place it on your computer.

From this window, you can modify the images, such as Save As, resize the image by Resize, or from the keyboard with the Ctrl + R button.

Crop is to select a specific part of the image that was cut and cut, and cut to cut parts of the image and paste it into another image.
You can also export the image to a PDF using tools and select the first option. Convert image to pdf.

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