6 of the biggest scandals in the history of technology

The technology industry is not immune to the scandal and with trillions of dollars at stake and the ability to reach people from all over the world for personal or political gain, it is not surprising that there are scandals in the history of technology. While it is difficult to narrow the list to a short list, The history of advanced technology as we know it?

6 of the biggest scandals in the history of technology

Samsung’s disastrous Note 7

Samsung found itself in 2016 banned from the rise of its phone Not 7 on flights around the world, where the phone was a time bomb, and after many news reports spread around the phone bomb Samsung decided to call the phone and suffered significant losses, and later tried to reissue But Samsung also took the phone out of the market completely and released an update to the program to remove any of the devices that are still alive, and to this day the company suffers from the effects of the phone scandal.

The death of Aaron Schwartz

The death of Aaron Schwartz is the most tragic scandal on the list. Schwartz was a programmer and copyright activist who committed suicide in 2013 after being accused of downloading a large number of academic journals and making them available for free on the Internet. Schwartz's sentence involved a possible maximum of $ 1 million in compensation and 35 years in prison and was found dead after hanging himself in his apartment in Brooklyn, victim of one of the most shameful chapters in the history of the US Department of Justice.

Foxconn suicides

Foxconn, a Taiwan-based manufacturer that collects an iPhone phone for Apple, was at the heart of the 2010 scandal after a series of suicides at its Chinese factories. The company then asked employees to sign "no suicide" pledges to prevent any new employee from falling .

Although Apple is not the only company that uses Foxconn in manufacturing, the scandal threatened to swallow the technology giant in Cupertino because of its role as Foxconn's biggest customers. In a wrong move, Apple CEO Steve Jobs made things worse when he defended Foxconn's factories and described them As "very nice".

In the following years, Apple continued to work to improve conditions in its own supply chain, however, the Foxconn incident was a reminder to many people about where their new hardware came from.


There are a large number of large data breaches in the Internet era, yet the breach of Yahoo data in 2013 for user accounts of 3 billion is one of the biggest violations, and the perpetrators of this breakthrough were not caught despite the Russian spies accused of violating later in 2014.

The vandalism in the loss of Marissa Meyer, the former CEO of Yahoo, brought cash rewards and reduced the company's value by hundreds of millions of dollars, but for most users the biggest hit was the extent to which our data is unsafe in the era of super-connectivity.

Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal

Breaking through user accounts is one thing, but helping to break through democracy itself was Facebook's accusation after the recent Cambridge Analytics scandal. While it's no secret that Facebook is tracking user data, the Cambridge scandal involving the alleged illegal exploration of data for up to 87 Million users on Facebook for political purposes.

NSA spying

One of the biggest scandals of technology is the US National Security Agency (NSA) spy scandal, where it monitors global citizens and foreign citizens of the United States, and was discovered by Edward Snowden, who provided numerous information about the NSA spying.

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